About Us

Rochester Witness for Palestine, Inc. grew from the experiences of individuals, who traveled to the Middle East, separately or together. They talked with many different groups or individuals, each of which shared a perspective about what it's like to live in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, or Jordan. The travelers sometimes stayed with Palestinians in their homes. They passed through checkpoints. They talked with advocacy groups. They met with Israeli settlers in the West Bank. They walked through Hebron.

These are people like you who are searching to do something to further a just resolution to the tensions, blockade, separation wall, occupation, economic hardship, and insecurity.

RW4P and its predecessor date from 2011.

We're a 501(c)3 organization with no staff or office. We're citizens working from Rochester NY toward a better world.


Our mission

  1. Seek a just peace for the people of Palestine wherever they may be
  2. Provide educational and cultural opportunities on this subject in our Rochester NY area community
  3. Encourage travel to Palestine / Israel and reporting of experiences; “Go and see; come and tell”
  4. Work toward social justice and human rights

Current goals

  1. Continue to bring the eyewitness accounts of recent visitors to Palestine to faith communities in the Rochester area
  2. Organize and present the Witness Palestine Film Festival. Please see the following details
  3. With our local allies, maintain a regular presence at Rochester's Public Market, selling olive oil and other products from the Canaan Cooperative of the West Bank
  4. Seek opportunities for public expressions of advocacy
  5. Continue to recruit new advocates and integrate them into our work

Film Festival

A web site devoted to the Festival includes an archived list of films we've screened and other programs we've offered.

Our ninth festival took place October 4 - Novmeber 1, 2020 and fully online due to covid-19. Each program consisted of the following titles available for streaming and a discussion with someone closely connected with the movie:

  1. A People Without a Land
  2. It's What We Do
  3. Seeing Through the Wall8
  4. Brooklyn Inshallah